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Back in 2000 I was totally dissatisfied with the camouflage clothing available to us here in Australia. The features always fell short in function & practicality & more important the patterns while looking great up close in the store when taken to the field actually made you stand out , totally opposite of what it was designed to do! Time for a radical change! I had been hunting for 40+ years & it seemed to me that shape is a dead giveaway, we see a animal via its shape ( movement also, which I’ll come back to ) & it makes sense that they see us in the same way.
Studies into game animal vision ( dichromatic ) revealed that they view the world in shades of black, white & grey. It also revealed that deer can see into the ultra violet spectrum ( blues ). So colour was not the main concern, although we hunters tend to favour a pattern with a least some green. Movement, well years of trials showed that you can indeed let a animal see you, the trick is not to be a threat to their life. When you no longer become a threat you are treated more with a curiosity, something to be aware of, often animals will come in close for a better look.

THE PREDATOR/PREY RELATIONSHIP; we humans are a predator species, our eyes are located on the front of out face & we look at our prey ( the stalk ). Prey animals have eyes positioned on the sides of their heads. This affords them with 300+ degrees of vision so  they can see a predator approaching. Game animals have a pretty simple life, no mortgages, credit card debt or plasma tv to pay for, they eat, sleep & reproduce. To them its about surviving, so racing over the hill is only performed if it’s a mortal threat. Their could be another predator waiting over that hill, so better to sit tight, conserve energy & work out that strange shape that has just appeared. Here’s the good bit, if your human shape is now “ broken up “ you now have become a shape rather than a predator about to pounce.
BLACKFOOT BREAKUP is a series of lines & shape scientifically developed to make you a mere shape in the field. If your cover is blown you now have the time to access the trophy potential of that Stag ( thats if you are exposed, most times our hunters reveal that they approached to mere metres without being discovered ).
It’s   been 11 years   since   the introduction of Blackfoot Designs & many of our top bow hunters & 
rifle hunters bought Blackfoot Camouflage in it’s early days. These guys are in the field on a constant basis & many have clothing given to them for testing. I’m proud to say that on a growing basis these hunters CHOOSE to hunt in Blackfoot Designs clothing. As they say “ the proof is in the pudding “
Take the time to browse the site, remember all clothing & accessories has been born from years of practical hunting, not checked off by a hot shot business man who has never stepped foot into the Australian bush, let alone stalked a trophy stag or forded a swollen creek on route to camp. Thank you for visiting & good hunting to you.
Dave Greig

                “ dare to be different “ discover a new era in camouflage

photos clockwise: blackfoot breakup in the field ( human colour spectrum ), same pic ( game animal colour spectrum ), happy blackfoot client, the boss field testing

See attached picture of a boar I took on Dunbar Station along the edges of the Elizabeth River in Oct Last year.

It was my first time wearing Blackfoot products and although I am new to bowhunting the remainder of my camo sits neglected in my cupboard. Yours is always first choice.

I look forward to the Southern Hunter Jacket keeping me warm out at Glen Innes.

Keep up the good work mate. Briggsy

              your always welcome to send in your photos & a brief description of your hunt

JUST ARRIVED!!. Some time in the early 2000’s I sent some gear off to a guy in the US. Little did I know that in 2014 after many years of hard service Mark would battle altitude sickness to experience the “ roof of the world “ & take a magnificent Marco Polo Ram, undoubtably the worlds most prized trophy. His latest order of Blackfoot gear has just arrived Stateside & contained in his thank you email was this statement : 
The package arrived today. Perfect job on the sizes, so please do retain them in the file for my next order!! All of these items are absolutely magnificent. Of course, I expected that based on how superbly well all prior clothes have served me over the years. The value, function and style of each coat model, vest, and hat that I just received is incomparable with anything else on the market. Thanks for the vision that created them as well as the care applied in so finely producing them.
Best regards,
Mark Audino
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