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THE PREDATOR/PREY RELATIONSHIP; we humans are a predator species, our eyes are located on the front of out face & we look at our prey ( the stalk ). Prey animals have eyes positioned on the sides of their heads. This affords them with 300+ degrees of vision so  they can see a predator approaching. Game animals have a pretty simple life, no mortgages, credit card debt or plasma tv to pay for, they eat, sleep & reproduce. To them its about surviving, so racing over the hill is only performed if it’s a mortal threat. Their could be another predator waiting over that hill, so better to sit tight, conserve energy & work out that strange shape that has just appeared. Here’s the good bit, if your human shape is now “ broken up “ you now have become a shape rather than a predator about to pounce.
BLACKFOOT BREAKUP is a series of lines & shape scientifically developed to make you a mere shape in the field. If your cover is blown you now have the time to access the trophy potential of that Stag ( thats if you are exposed, most times our hunters reveal that they approached to mere metres without being discovered ).
It’s   been 11 years   since   the introduction of Blackfoot Designs & many of our top bow hunters & 
rifle hunters bought Blackfoot Camouflage in it’s early days. These guys are in the field on a constant basis & many have clothing given to them for testing. I’m proud to say that on a growing basis these hunters CHOOSE to hunt in Blackfoot Designs clothing. As they say “ the proof is in the pudding “
Take the time to browse the site, remember all clothing & accessories has been born from years of practical hunting, not checked off by a hot shot business man who has never stepped foot into the Australian bush, let alone stalked a trophy stag or forded a swollen creek on route to camp. Thank you for visiting & good hunting to you.
Dave Greig

                “ dare to be different “ discover a new era in camouflage

photos clockwise: blackfoot breakup in the field ( human colour spectrum ), same pic ( game animal colour spectrum ), happy blackfoot client, the boss field testing

See attached picture of a boar I took on Dunbar Station along the edges of the Elizabeth River in Oct Last year.

It was my first time wearing Blackfoot products and although I am new to bowhunting the remainder of my camo sits neglected in my cupboard. Yours is always first choice.

I look forward to the Southern Hunter Jacket keeping me warm out at Glen Innes.

Keep up the good work mate. Briggsy

              your always welcome to send in your photos & a brief description of your hunt

IMPORTANT NOTICE: after almost 20 years of hand making gear I have decided to retire. With this in mind ANYTHING that has my grey/green/brown camouflage cloth will be unavailable as of now. Blackfoot Blaze clothing is still available until that cloth runs out. Most of my accessories are still available. I wish to thank all of my loyal customers for their support over the years, it has been a pleasure talking to you & supplying your gear for your hunts.