Blackfoot Designs specialise in 100% Australian cotton which is a totally natural fibre. This gives our garments some outstanding qualities, being highly breathable, incredibly grass seed and burr resistant, lightweight, durable and wind resistant. Our cotton is pre shrunk, treated for colour fade and features a premium brushed finish for a natural matte appearance.

We offer several material options.

320gsm BLACKFOOT CAMO – The original Blackfoot break up camouflage

320gsm BLACKFOOT BLAZE – Blaze orange Blackfoot break up camouflage

225gsm BLACKFOOT SUMMER – In our Blackfoot camouflage pattern, a lightweight alternative for hunting 30 degree and above weather. Made from a linen/cotton blend, it is the ultimate in breathability.

310gsm Cotton drill – Available in plain colours such as black, khaki, stone, teal and dark green. Perfect for workpants and around town or if you desire some hunting gear in plain colours. Enquire for current colours in stock.

Blackfoot Designs is only available direct, you will not find it in any retail stores. This is to keep my operation at a level where you get to talk to the craftsman, that’s me, who can tailor your order, and my quality is kept to a premium standard. I pride my business on giving you, the paying customer, the best satisfaction with your purchase possible.

Please place your order via email or phone call. I will email you back an invoice and sizing guide.

LEAD TIMES – Generally 1-3 weeks, depending on current workload and order size. I will keep you informed as your order progresses. Keep in mind, this gear is not sitting on a shelf waiting for an owner to come along, it’s made to order. If you have a hunt planned, please do not leave your order to the last minute.

PAYMENT – EFT (bank transfer) and credit/debit card payment over the phone.

POSTAGE – is via Australia post unless otherwise organised. Postage and handling price determined by amount of clothing to be shipped.

Blackfoot Designs exists to provide the Australian hunter with the best quality hunting garments and accessories possible. All Blackfoot Designs gear is handmade to order, enabling us to customise your garments to you, the paying customer.

At Blackfoot Designs, our goal is putting Australian manufacturing first wherever possible. Where Australian made is not possible, only the best components and materials are sourced from the US, Japan or Europe. Our 320gsm cotton drill cloth is 100% Australian cotton, woven and printed right here in NSW. Our canvas is sourced from the same textiles mill. The webbing used in our accessories is proudly made in Australia. We use the highest quality European Rasant thread on our clothing and complete our garments with genuine YKK zips that do not fail. All acetal fittings used are quality Duraflex parts and have been proven in the field. We do not skimp on quality, as gear failure is not an option!