Big wide cobra slings look fancy & may well spread the weight of your rifle on your shoulder but generally their width is their downfall making them slide off your shoulder. Most have an adjustment buckle that jingles & all this adds up to a extra weight to carry afield. The Blackfoot Designs Silent Sling is one piece of 30mm, soft but exceptionally strong webbing. It has a USA manufactured GROVTEC GT Locking swivel sewn directly to each end. There is no noise at all, the weight is a bare minimum & a rubber pad sewn to the sling stops it sliding from your shoulder. If the bush gets really thick & nasty you can simply remove your sling & store in a pocket until needed.  Simple, quiet and rugged.

Savvy hunters insist on the Silent Sling. Standard size 920mm swivel pin to swivel pin. Custom sizes available.