Whilst binocular harnesses are ubiquitous in the hunting world nowadays, they are all mostly of a pouch design. These add a fair bit of bulk to your chest, and you need to open up that pouch to get your binoculars out. Blackfoot’s Binocular harness sticks to our principle of keeping everything as simple, rugged and functional as possible. Most importantly, your binos are ALWAYS at hand. Thought you saw an ear flick? There’s no excuse now to glass it before moving on. The three way harness spreads the weight on your body, meaning no sore necks. The shock cord serves two purposes, firstly the preload will stop your binos slapping against you as you walk, and secondly, when you deploy them, the shock cord now has more load on it, and it acts to steady your arms. You can now hold your binos relatively steady freehand! And if you aren’t hunting with a bino harness, try it, you won’t believe what you are missing! Sized to your shirt size.