The SAPA SHIRT is a great shirt for your everyday hunting adventures. Made from our hard wearing Blackfoot Camo or Blaze, it is a roomy cut, allowing for plenty of layering up underneath if required. Features a 350mm YKK zipper for ventilation when the day heats up, generous length for maximum coverage, a high collar and cuff closures for keeping those cold winds out of your sleeves.
Can be optioned up with hand pockets and breast pockets.


The SAPA DUO is the same great shirt as the SAPA, but with Blackfoot Blaze camo built into it. Perfect for hunts where an item of Blaze orange is a requirement, or if there’s a few other hunters in your party. Now in two versions, one with Blaze sleeves only, and one with a full Blaze top half, there is a high vis option for everyone. Can be optioned up with hand pockets and breast pockets.


The RED CROW shirt is designed for hunting in 30 degree plus weather. Whilst being similar to the SAPA shirt, this shirt is manufactured from our Blackfoot Summer cloth. Being of a linen/cotton blend, and at only 225gsm, it feels nice and light to wear in the heat, extremely breathable and fast drying. It has a shorter cut to reduce weight and heat retention, and features splits on the sleeves to allow for easy rolling up. The cuffs have a velcro closure to keep them together when worn full sleeved. Don’t put off hunting because of the heat, try a RED CROW shirt and feel the difference!

Option up with hand or breast pockets. Shown here with optional breast pocket.


The unlined PLAINSMANS JACKET is truly a 4 seasons hunting jacket. It can be worn by itself in warmer weather, and in cooler weather the generous cut lets you layer up underneath while keeping your camouflage layer on top. The PLAINSMAN comes standard with two large hand pockets with debris flaps. The debris flaps do not have a velcro closure, to allow for totally silent access to gear like rangefinders when in close to game animals. This jacket features a full length, double zip, allowing for opening and closing from both top and bottom, to allow for precise control of your movement and ventilation. Cuff closures round off this jacket.

Shown here in Blackfoot Blaze with optional breast pocket.


The TOMAH VEST offers the best features of our lined jackets while allowing the arm freedom only a vest can provide. The shell is constructed from our regular hard wearing cloth, and is completely lined with luxurious sherpa fleece to keep that precious body warmth in. The collar is a generous 130mm at the rear, tapering down to 80mm at the front, keeping your neck warm while avoiding getting in the way of your face. Two large silent hand pockets and a velcro closure breast pocket come standard. Full length double acting YKK zipper and a waist drawstring round out this fantastic vest.

Available in Blackfoot Camo, Blaze or plain colours. Option up with extra breast pocket, or ask to swap breast pocket to right hand side if your are left handed. Extra long tail with waterproof lining as per Southern Hunter Jacket available on request.


The BLACK ELK JACKET is the first step up into our lined jackets. This jacket is constructed with our Blackfoot Camo or Blaze cloth for the outer shell, and is fully lined with polyester backed microfleece. This jacket suits for all but the coldest of mid winter hunts, making it very versatile. It has a full length double acting YKK zip, with a stormflap to stop the wind coming through the zipper. A 130mm fleece lined collar keeps the cold off your neck. This jacket comes standard with silent entry hand pockets, cuff closures to fight off cold draughts and is rounded out with a waist drawcord to keep everything snug.

Option up this jacket with breast pocket/s. Handy hint, the drawstring is quality USA made paracord, good to know if you ever need it in an emergency, it’s always on you!


The MANDAN JACKET is your go to cold weather hunting jacket. Shell constructed with either Blackfoot Camo or Blaze. This jacket features micro fleece lined sleeves keeping weight down and freedom of movement whilst retaining warmth. The body and 130mm high tapered collar are fully lined with luxurious sherpa fleece for maximum warmth and comfort. A full length double acting YKK zip allows for precise ventilation control, while the stormflap and cuff closures keep the wind out. Two silent entry hand pockets round out this awesome jacket. Option up with breast pocket/s.

This jacket makes a fantastic casual jacket for around town in plain colours, ask me what’s available.


The SOUTHERN HUNTER JACKET takes the fantastic MANDAN JACKET, and customises it to create our ultimate winter jacket. All the great features of the MANDAN are found here, including micro fleece lined sleeves and sherpa fleece lined body. Where this jacket takes it to the next level is it’s extra high, 200mm tapered sherpa fleece lined collar. This allows for maximum warmth without sacrificing hearing or sight like a hood can. With your hat or beanie on, you can tuck in, stay warm but still alert. The other great feature is an extra long tail, with a water proof liner. Absolutely perfect for being able to sit on wet ground to glass with your binoculars or spotting scope or have a snack with out getting a wet bum. This jacket is rounded out with a waist draw cord to keep everything snug.

Available in Blackfoot Camo, Blaze or plain colours. Option up with breast pocket/s.